If I were better-organized, this would be a retrospective. However, the deciding factors suddenly aligned in my life and off I go. The decision and the factors have been aligning for quite some time. If you guessed that I'm heading out with camera in hand, you've guessed correctly. That's not everything but it is certainly a large part of it.

I return to the private populace, a civilian once again ("civvie" as far as sex work is concerned). After six years, a few hundred thousand air miles, more time spent in hotels than my home, learning a lot, meeting many...I'm onto the next stage of life.

You've shared with me. I've shared in return. Some more than others, of course, but no one has gone unnoted. Lessons and gifts and laughs and bourbon and champagne and trips and lace and pearls.

I thank you here if you've stumbled across me, or just return every now and then to check in. If we're connected in other ways, then this message is no surprise.

If you wish to send me on my way with good wishes and tangible token of esteem/gratitude/happiness/whatever, then please choose from my short gift list, below. If not, no worries, nothing more is expected of you.

That's part of the allure of this realm, we both disappear and leave no trace but memories.

Parting Gifts

As I move forward with my life, parting gifts are most welcome.

All of these are helpful to me in one way or another. I thank you in advance for considering anything on this pragmatic list.

[My biggest wish is a zoom lens for my Fuji, which you can also find on Amazon.]

Below are a selection of egift cards you can email to me in any amount (most have a minimum of $25). If the gifts require a name and email you can use Amaia Coelho (initials A.C. preferred) and whatever email you have for me already.

Or just click to my simple eight-item Amazon wishlist.

In no particular order:

If you'd like to gift me my dream lens, that requires my business mailing address and info, so please email me before purchasing.

Sincerest thank yous to anyone who steps forward and offers a good-bye with a helping hand.